January 24, 2019-  Happy New year folks!  Last year was some year and im glad its gone. LOL.  This year feels so different and energetic.  How about you?  Get your slkates and come skate with me any time.  Love you guys.  MUA!

November 2018-  teaching is still fun for me.  many adults really getting on the bandwagon and learning to skate!  Wear your helmets, Please!

Sept 2017- Rainy months has kept us from skating.  Hurricane headed our way this month.  This will pass.  We will have some nice cool weather, yeee!

Jan 1, 2017   HAPPY NEW YEAR!

have had many new students that received skates for Christmas. Hola fitness!

11.20.2016  I love my boots and I skate so well on them!


7.16.2016  Do not say to yourself, I can’t do it!   Life gets hard sometimes but you must move on press on and tell depression you dont have the time! bye bye

Hi.  I have been a good year so far.  We have new skaters joined our Speed Team. We have another race coming this weekend in Tallahassee, fl.  See you there!

It has been a busy year!  Coaching more, skating more and now with the holidays time just flies.

Nationals was fun.  I took 2 second place   The ten lap race was hard because I ran out of gas!  I was initially upset with myself  but then I realized I just have to train harder this year.  More food, good food! LOL

6/25/2014- I had been training hard so I took time off (7 days) to recoup.  Now I feel better and I’m back to training.  Two weeks to go to Nebraska Nationals! Wish me luck n fun.

I have a new frame that flexes better and feels right for my weight.  As for the boot I am wearing a Thorlo thick sock so it will take up space on the boot as its not snug. Feels part of my foot now and can push better.

5/2014-I placed at 1st Regionals. I am off to Nationals July 12th!  Training hard now.

Hi All.  I have been busy this season. Its 2014 and we are gearing for THE qualifier Regionals which determines who goes to Nationals.  Regionals is May 17-18.

Nationals is set to be in Lincoln Nebraska in July. We anticipate we will have 8 people placing and going.

Our second meet is Sunday Dec 1st in Vero Beach Lets go Astro Team!

October’s meet was great and many brought home a medal and it was their first meet!

I molded my boot and it fits better.  Since I have a small foot I ordered a kids size boot.  This year I have been coaching our team more while the head coach travels.  It is very satisfying to help someone improve their skill set.  Our team is mostly kids and they love speed skating.  Some are very young,(6 years old), and still do not understand why we do certain drills but with each passing day they they are grasping it.   Our first meet is October and we are ready!  I am pumped and much more at easy than last year, since I have improved quite a bit. I plan to challenge up so I can chase and improve more.

I got my frame and I like it.  Its light and shorter than the one I was using.  It flexes enough for me.  It may seem as a small thing but you must get a frame good for your body type.  I am 5’2″ and not heavy (125) so a stiff frame does not work for me.  I was able to push better and stay in control.  It increased my speed too.  New faster wheels will help me help increase the speed.

I have not molded my boot yet.  Waiting to get the kinks out, and its working well.  My Luigino boot was not expensive but works.  I did replace one lace for two on each boot.  That way I control the top and bottom lacing tension so my feet do not fall asleep.

Hi friends.  I hope you are having a wonderful day.   Inline Speed Skating should already be in the Olympics and I don’t get why they are dragging their feet on this, but it will happen soon, in my time, so I can see people I know competing.  What an honor!  Heck just last week one of our USA gals won 1st place at World Games in Cali, Colombia, and to top it, she lapped the whole pack.

I went to the Inline Speed Skating Championship in July 2013 and I placed second in all my races, giving me an overall 2nd placement.  I am proud of this as my goal was to get on the podium.  It was fun and gratifying.  I know I need to perfect my technique to get close to 1st place next year.  I have figured out what I need to do to skate better.  I am excited this year because I have a goal to get my technique improved.  I bought a boot last week after 13 years using the same one.  I had a molded Bont and this year I have a Luigino non molded.  I can mold it myself if I want to according to their new method, but at this time I am okay.  I have to get a new frame as my old one is just for 3 point Bont boots. My old boot now becomes an outdoor boot.

On a separate note I just talked to one of the county park Commissioners about those yellow indicator pads on our trail.  They are required by law by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  My request to him was twofold.  One is that they are raising up and can cause anyone to trip as they are plastic, not built in.  The second was that they can do half the intersection for us skaters without them.  I said someone can sue the city for such negligence.  Also I reminded him that we will be an Olympic sport and that our city will be a great venue.  We have attracted other major sports here.  Has anyone ever encountered this problem in your city?  Or do they have a different way to comply?  Let me know.

 They say I am a very good inline skate teacher. thank you peeps!

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