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2024~ A great time to start skating


The story of inline skating:

Inline skating  began in the 1980’s. Two brothers from Minnesota that iced skated decided to redesign the roller skate (quads) so they could train for hockey in the summer. They added the brake on the back and added wheels so they could skate on it as they did on ice, but on the streets. Out of that came the modern inline skates. Inline skate brands like Bont, Simmons (made in Cape Coral, FL), and K2 are as commonly known to speed skaters as sneakers lines are well known to runners.  We hope to be in the Olympics in 2024.

  If  you need help buying a pair of skates call me.  I suggest skates that fit well and are comfortable.  There is nothing worst than dressing up with all your gear, driving out to skate,  to find that the skates don’t feel good and they hurt your feet! It wont be fun.

Skating rinks sell inline skates

 I suggest you start with  90mm.  If money is no object, get 100mm wheels. Bigger ones will go over bumps smoother. You will enjoy skating more as the wheels and bearing will be of better quality and you will glide better.  Most important you will keep doing the sport.  Small wheels under 76mm are great for doing tricks.

Make sure you try them out on  carpet and roll some before as you may want to return them.  Never buy bigger sized skates.  If someone bought you a bigger pair, use 2 pairs of socks to take up some of the space. It would be best to exchange them!  For kids, check skates that expand as the child grows.


If you are 4 to 80 yrs old you can skate!

            Wear a helmet, and skate with confidence

Learn To Inline Skate

As a disclaimer you need to be aware that any sport is fun but must be done with caution when learning. You take full responsibility for any possible fall, hence you must wear all protective gear.

Best skate instructor!