Student Success

(with the nicest skate instructor)

This is the year, 2024

2.05.23 I asked Cesar how he was doing:

“Hii! Yes I’ve been going so fast, I had a really good session on Tuesday, thanks for all your help!  I also ordered a new pair of skates with slightly bigger wheels. I might start working towards that marathon now. You can definitely expect me to keep in touch! Cesar C.

February 9th, 2021~Robert was very nervous but wanted to learn to skate. He had lost 33  Lbs. and wanted to do a fun sport to stay on track.  He did learn to skate and will take another lesson to be smoother and go faster.

February 8, 2021~ Luana is an athlete that is in fantastic shape, does many sports and today enjoyed a lesson.  She had skated in the past but was shaky and wanted confidence while skating.  She mastered stopping with the brake and practiced dragging wheels for emergency stopping.  She learned these plus some other techniques! Her confidence is way up! makes me excited for her.

January 4th, 2021- Tom had some skates and he wanted to get rolling.  He is an athlete so he understood my instructions easily. Within two hours tom was skating.  He will be practicing and taking another lesson to become faster.  Go Tom!

“I would like to tell you about an amazing instructor.  She gave me confidence and support.  She helped me go down winding roads, bumps and narrow paths.  I truly can say she is a caring person you would want as an instructor.  In my eyes she is a superhero.  Thank you.  Brett”

Jan 17, 2021  “Hi Willi.  Thank you for today.  My legs are shot but in a good way!  I think I have it from here!  Sharon R.”

I asked John T. How he and his wife where doing with their skating:  “We are having a ball with it!  Sorry for the lateness of my reply, business is going well lately.  I must admit that Joy is ahead of me in skill and comfortable stance but I’m gaining on her with each skate.  Thanks again for a great start, with hopes to see you again.” J & J.

12/28/2021    ” Willi,  Thank you so much for the skate instruction today. I wished I had this kind of in-depth instruction years ago. Your tips and instruction have definitely helped me, now I just have to keep practicing.” Jan T

I had a student last week, Dave C., take a lesson but he knew how to skate.  He wanted to learn techniques to improve his form.  He learned very quick and was amazed at how simple techniques can help so much. He is now considering speed racing!  Thank you so much Dave.

Melony Knows how to skate but had not skated in a while and was apprehensive to get back into it and was very afraid going down hill.  She wanted I give her techniques to get back to skating with easy.  Melony is such a high spirited girl!  I taught her techniques to make her more efficient and thus going faster, a different way to stop so she can remove her brake AND she learned to go down hill!  She is no longer afraid and plans to join a speed skating club!  Whoo Hoo, Meloney!

May ~ Mayra is a Doctor from Pinellas Park who lost some weight and wanted to get leaner & stronger, but mainly she wants to skate so she can join her friends on skates.  She was quite nervous but eventually the techniques got her going.  this is amazing for her as she has never done sports before!  Go Mayra!

Matt wanted to become a confident skater so he could skate with his family.  His wife looked so confident and he wanted that.  Matt is a basketball player and I was able to use his skills there and transferred his lingo to skating and he applied them to his new skating techniques. After we finished Matt could stand on his skates without wavering and skate very confidently.  He even started going fast!  Thanks Matt.

In January I met Jake and Davis in St Petersburg, Fl. who are both 7 years old.  They wanted to play hockey on skates but needed to know how to skate first.  Initially they were all over the place but once they got the techniques down they were speed racing each other!  It was a delight to me to see them learn to skate AND race.  The father took a video of them racing and they were beaming. The father was so grateful because he tried teaching them but was not successful.  He told me I saved him a lot of frustration.  I was very grateful for the opportunity to see those cute faces smile at their new learned sport. Thanks Davis and Luke!

“I definitely enjoyed the lesson and am really glad that i did it.  I definitely feel that I get more out of skating now.  Feels like more of a workout, starting to go faster, and the wind is not slowing me down near as much as it used to.”  Can’t wait to get a pair of skates that fit though.  I could go an entire size down.  Don’t think I realized it with these before because of all the padding.”Kris

Hi Willi, Thanks for the lesson.  Here is how I know I got the right teacher/coach.  When I told you I know how to skate, you told me that I might not need a lesson.  But I wanted to go to the next level.  At the end, there was lots to work on.  I said I might need to have another one after working on several techniques, you said I did not have to, just practice.  Very enjoyable. You showed it to me very clearly on how to do it.  I would or should use the camera at the beginning as well as at the end.  Rubin B”


2020″ I went all of 20 feet, and not without falling. Willi is a very patient and tolerant teacher! After my trip to NY I have promised to give it another try.    Thank you Willi” Nancy G

“I have been wanting to inline skate for a few years now and just never followed through with it until 4 months ago; until I had enough of the procrastination I figured that I won’t ever learn unless I take the first step… I purchased skates. I tried them on and couldn’t go anywhere because of fear of falling. I contacted Willi at that time. I asked her to help me. I live in St. Petersburg…, she met me at a location near the Pinellas Trail. This lesson was great! Willi coached me along to the point that I could roll, she showed me some techniques to fast-track me through the learning process. A few months have gone by since that day. I called Willi the other day for a second coaching session. Willi watched me skate and then made suggestions on how to position my skates and use all three sides of the wheels. She showed me where and how I should land and position each skate. I will practice more now and get exercise at the same time! If you are ready for lessons or even just have questions that can be answered on the phone, Willi can help you!! – Erik in St. Petersburg”

Today I taught skating to two wonderful little girls that are 10 and 6 living in Tierra Verde.  They were so respectful and also found out they were athletes and they both did triathlons! How impressive!  Within two hours they learned much techniques in their brand new skates that Santa brought four days ago.  They were going to the rink that evening to practice what they learned.  It was so much fun for me.  Thank you girls for that joy!  Willi

2019~”I had my first inline skating lesson yesterday with Willi.  I was very apprehensive and nervous because I hadn’t been on any kind of skates in I don’t want to tell you how many years.  She made me very comfortable and explained things simply and to the point.  I was up and about in no time flat.  Two hours went by very quickly and I went home exhilarated.   Thank you Willi.from  Susan Bransfield (roller nana)”

2019~Today was Jimmi’s second lesson.  He decided to get new skates as his old ones had very soft wheels that were impeding his learning.   He was able to stand on the new ones and feel more confident on his ability to learn this sport.  He was skating!

2018~My new skater Jimmi came from Virginia for a lesson and he was such a fast learner.  He is coming back in 2 weeks to learn more and has decided to upgrade his skates.  See you in 2 weeks.

2018~”Met Willi Yesterday and her lesson was fun and I learned how to have more confidence. I am doing the Pinellas Trail skate in November 2010. Lisa Z.”

 ‘Willi made me feel comfortable right away. I have a weight problem. Skating is helping me produce results. I have been working with Willi twice a week and feel so much better. Thanks Willi”  -George P.

Willi was incredibly responsive to my fears and struggles with skating. She listened to my needs and managed to bring me a sense of accomplishment that I have not experienced before. Thanks!  -Maria C.

Willi helped me gain muscle tone, and she helped me to stick with the program. This has brought my much joy, as it is the first time in twenty years that I have followed through with any fitness! I can Skate! -Mark M.

“Thanks Willi! You made me feel comfortable right away. Using you was a good decision”Cynthia E.

Not only did your lessons invigorate me; they promote good health. I feel better. Thanks. Bailey T.

Since using your technique & form, I feel better at 47 than I did at 35! Thank you so much! Earl J.

When I injured my ankle playing football, I thought I would lose all of the muscle tone I had fought so hard to achieve. Thanks to Willi’s patience and technique, I am now learning an alternate way of staying on top of my fitness, by skating. Keith