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~Rollerblade® instructor ~ Skate Teacher

2016 U.S.A.R.S. National Champion 2nd
2016 U.S.A.R.S. Regionals Champion 1st
2014 U.S.A.R.S. Nationals Champion 2st

                                                   Skate Instructor- ICP certified

                                                    Certified Speed Skating Coach

While in the  Air Force, I discovered how being in shape makes everything else be harmonious. Being strong and fit is Exhilarating.Years later I joined a local skating group and was hooked to inline Speed Skating.  I developed leg muscles which helped me win races and maintain a healthy weight.  In 2001 I left the indoor competitive skating circuit but still skated the outdoor fun events. I pursued teaching individual clients that are determined to make a life change and make skating one of  their habits. ( I again began indoor competition from 2011-2016)
I love that I make a positive change in people’s lives.  It is so much fun for me to see a person’s face when they learn to skate!  They have acquired a sport they can do forever; alone or with others.

Are you feeling out of shape?  Skate and be younger!    I am not kidding. I have people over 60 learning to skate, and they get so much from it.

It is imperative to wear a helmet, wrist, elbow and knee protection!

After skaters get proficient at skating, they no longer use elbow & knee guards for better aerodynamics. They wear a helmet and wrist guards.  All my years skating I have only seen one person get hurt where they broke a collarbone. That person hit a tree branch and did not have wrist guards.  Wrist guards help a lot by preventing one from breaking wrists and making one able to slide instead of slamming down on hands, arms, bones.

Speed skaters do not have a brake on their skates. I recommend that once you learn to skate well, that the break be removed for better maneuverability.  In the city, where there is a lot of stop and go activity, you may want a break to not wear out your wheels.

It’s also very important to carry water.  Dehydration is not fun and even when its cloudy, one will sweat without feeling it, as water evaporates as you skate.

                      WEAR SUNBLOCK OR LONG SLEEVES.  I DO.inline skate instructor:  -Sarasota Fl.

 Skate~ Be~ Happy!
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First Place 10.29.23
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