Florida skate teacher

My Simmons Boots

Learn to skate in Sarasota Florida 34233. Inline skating is easy with techniques.


https://nathanbendersonpark.org/event/florida-inline-skating-marathon-5/ held in Sarasota.

Sarasota marathon and half held here October 29th 2023.

Near Sarasota, Tampa, surrounding counties in Florida ~ learn to skate;

then Call me 941-822-3104

I am a patient skate instructor. You get two hours of instruction.

Learn to stop. Learn to turn.

Learn to relax and to inline skate. Learn to Rollerblade n Sarasota Florida

I love teaching others to skate

Skating for fun. Skating for exercise.

Speed lessons also available.

Learn to skate.

Wear a helmet and wrist guards at all times! Save your brain!

Skate lessons, inline skate learn, Learn to skate!

Skate lessons in Florida by patient instructor